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Designing your home can, unfortunately, be a stressful process. Athough we cannot take away all of your stresses - we are able to relieve some! In our showroom we offer a variety of different displays to help you make decisions. From paint colors & brands, to stain colors, to epoxy flooring & color flake choices - we can not only help you make your decisions - but place the order for you as well!

Your Options


Paint Colors

We offer a flippable 8 panel Sherwin Williams display, 3 Hallman Lindsay displays and a color catalog from Benjamin Moore to help you choose which paint color & brand is right for you! 


Color Flakes, Epoxy Flooring & Concrete Staining

Our display includes flip books and samples of the different options available to you in choosing your color flake epoxy flooring. Customize your floor to match your favorite football team, your vehicle color or just your favorite color combinations. Trying to decide which concrete stain is the best color for you? We have plenty of options available for you to choose from!


Custom Stain Colors

Whether you are choosing a premixed stain or looking for a custom color - we have multiple options available! We offer a wall full (literally!) of stain options for you to choose from. Our stain wall shows each color of stain on 5 different species of wood so you know how the stain is going to look on your finished product. Can't find what you're looking for? No problem! Our pre-finish shop is able to take your sample and color match it for you!