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Epoxy is an ever popular option for not only floors but for other surfaces as well. From floors to counter tops - we do it all! 



To properly lay an epoxy floor, our crew comes in and grinds your old floor to remove the hardened top layer. We will then remove all the dust, dirt & debris to lay the custom color flakes of your choice before applying the epoxy coating.


Floor Application

Applying Epoxy on your floor is a great way to add a little color and texture to your home! With the custom match color flake option - you can personalize your epoxy floor to match your car in the garage or your favorite football team in your man cave. 


Counter & Bar Tops

Epoxy is also great for counter or bar tops! Whether it be to lay over pictures, mementos or to just see the beautiful wood grain your top has to offer - this smooth clear coating is sure to attract attention.